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Snappy Harry

Tips for good wedding photography planning.


Many people these days take pictures and often without any training they are good images. This is because the camera does the hard work for them. Often i meet a person with a beautiful camera who is following me around at a weddings shooting over my shoulder endlessly diverting the brides and grooms eye contact away from me causing really bad shots to happen. But hay thats OK say the person using the camera , she is smiling in mine. Over the shoulder shooter or sideline shooter can often use up the professionals time and has no respect for what your photographer is trying to achieve. The other problem is they actually think its a good shot and that they have done the work to get it !!! The truth is they are breaking © rules and stealing the photographers work. Lets look at this closely. The photographer make a decision as to were the best light is then he positions his bride and groom, the next step is he interacts with the bride and groom to bring the best out of the person. Mean while happy Uncle Harry is snapping away on our work and he really thinks that it is he that has got the shot. Tip of the day KEEP HAPPY HARRY AWAY because although Happy Harry is getting some great shots it will almost certainly effect the shots that your paid professional is trying to get for you.