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Natalie and Scott

Natalie MalyonHi Eddy,I hope you are well. The pics are amazing! We can't wait to see the the album.

Hanna Smith

Hanna Louise SmithHi Ed! Thanks so much for making our wedding great, the pictures ive seen so far are brilliant!!!

Felicity and David

David Mather , Thank you so much, we love the pictures they are just fantastic. All the familly thought you were great. Thanks for helping to make our day perfect

Felicity Mather

Felicity MatherHi Ed, thank you so much for the wonderful photos! We are really enjoying looking at them on our honeymoon! How does it work if we would like to use one of your photos in our local paper to announce the wedding? X

Carly and Andrew

OH MY GOODNESS!!!I am utterly speechless, and so very pleased!! We are both thrilled with the albums!! I can't believe what you have given us, thank you so very much, I can't tell you how much we appreciate what you have done for us, so overwhelmed! I love them, and the calendar, what a treat! We are both truly over the moon, I can't wait to show everyone, especially mum, she is going to be very pleased too! Thank you so much, you have really made our wedding with these gorgeous photos!!!Carly and Andrew

Stephanie Lauren Eggleton

Stephanie Lauren Eggleton Hi ed Your an amazing photography looking forward too seeing all the pictures Thank you for making my sisters wedding memorable ! Stephanie( felicity sister/ bridesmaid)

Keith Mather

Very pleased with all of Ed's photographs that he took for my son's wedding.Excellent results. Keith Mather

Nick and Amy Kennit

Thank you for fantastick picture and beautiful wedding album , Just love it Amy and Nick Kennlt

These are references from other sites

“Ed was pleasant, calm and able to get the best from very young children when taking their photos at nursery. He was responsive to suggestions from staff and able to accommodate the needs of small children so they enjoyed the process of their photos being taken rather than overwhelmed by it. The staff team really liked his approach and the creative and charming results he produced.” May 5, 2011Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity1st June O'Sullivan, hired Eddy as a Photographer in 2007, and hired Eddy more than once“Eddy has always worked well with staff and pupils at the fundraising events that we hold. We and our guests have always been very pleased with the quality of the images that he provides and have rebooked him again for two events this year on that basis.” May 5, 2011Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, On Time1st Susan Tingle, hired Eddy as a Photographer in 2007“All that Ed does is quality - look at the website and (say) the albums for married couples if you are unable to experience his talents any other way. His creative ability shows through but the commitment to reliability and thoroughness has to be discovered. It’s not hidden, but how does one demonstrate it without references like this? I like the total package. Understanding as he does hair and beauty, the overall effect of style, layout and composition in any scenario and cohesive delivery of the product, whatever the assignment. The man is gifted and puts love into all he does; rare to see, a pleasure to do so. Trouble is, too many people today buy on price alone and so miss out on value for money and inspired, imaginative and innovative ideas. Those that have benefitted from his work return again and again. Quality is worth paying for and always to be appreciated.” May 4, 20111st Mike O'Neill, plonker, NHS CF&Sworked with Eddy at igroover images“Not only is Eddy an excellent photographer, creative, original and stylish; but his people skills and friendly nature bring out the best in his subjects and the people he has working with him. Thoroughly recommended.” May 4, 20111st nik bartrum, Owner, nik bartrum photography, great event photographyworked directly with Eddy at igroover images“Ed has successfully worked with LEYF for a number of years and across a range of projects. In every case, he has made the most of every creative opportunity to capture who we are and what we do - whilst staying mindful of our limited resources, not only in terms of time and budgets, but also the typically limited attention of our main subject matter - i.e. children! ;).” May 4, 2011Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative1st Neil Hart, hired Eddy as a Photographer in 2008, and hired Eddy more than once


Dear Eleanor, As I indicated earlier, I had used a fantastic photographer and also afriend who designs the most exquisite and unique wedding invitations.I would highly recommend them as they were extremely professional andprovided an excellent service.The details are as follows:Eddy (photographer)IgrooverTel: 01372 72960707525431660InvitationsLucy Clemson of RSVPI have copied them into this email and I hope you don't mind.I hope you have some success.With kind regards Suki


Dear Eddy, I hope that you are well.Thank you for sending me the photographs and I have now also gone to the picture framers. They look lovely and thank you for the small versions as well.I will be ordering some more shortly.With best wishes Suki x

Katie and Dan

Thank you so much for the beautiful wedding picture, when we received our wedding album it brought everything flooding Back. Really beautiful . Kate and Dan

Kate and Jack

I don't know how to thank you , We have just received our memory stick of images , Jack and I are overwhelmed , Thank you so much

Chris and Sarah

I knew when I met you that our wedding picture would be different and I also new that we needed a great photographer to capture our special day. Thank you, you did just that , the pictures and the album are fantastic x