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We want  you to have the best and the most beautiful wedding pictures that you could ever imagine, We want to know about your dreams and expectation for your wedding, what sort of cake your having, what your going to do for your first dance, what is your theme going to be, what sort of colors your going to select,  we can  capture your day  moment by moments  in a wonderful way giving you lasting beautiful memories of your all so special day.

People ask what make u better then anyone else, apart from the fact that we take amazing pictures, we know that in itself is not enough We want your total photographic experience to stand out. We leave nothing to luck. Our techniques and skills have been developed over the years to give guaranteed high-quality results and many of our images have been used in wedding publication all over the country. Your wedding will be planned meticulously so why not plan your photo shoot as well? Our planning is second to none so that come rain or shine you will still get the best images possible. We will find the things in your life that really matter and integrate it into your wedding shoot. You want someone that you can call or email if you have an idea and talk as much as you want about your dreams for your wedding.

Let me share a few thought: - If I was attending your wedding as a guest and therefore not photographing it, you might ask me to give you some guidelines for selecting a photographer! well, here they are:-

Select a photographer who will give you quality not quantity 

Value the photographer's experience and be prepared to pay the correct price
Cheap deals are cheap deals.
Select a photographer that has a passion and love for wedding photography ( not all photographers do)
And lastly, the only sure way still being able to view your pictures in twenty years is to print them.
Picture file formats will change, hard drives will crash ( not might crash ) Memory sticks and DVD suddenly stop performing.
But as long as there is not a fire, your pictures will always be in an album. We can even make sure that you get your reprint done even after a fire.


Let me put a few questions to you:

  • Do you want your wedding photographer to be a professional creative person with a clear track record of experience to call on?
  • Do you want to feel confident that your photographer can deliver what he claims?
  • Is it important to you that your photographer is fully insured with professional liability insurance?


Would it be great for you if your photographer was a fully qualified professional and not just some who does it as a hobby and for and extra cash in hand income? 


You need to know that your photographer is totally there for you and not thinking about the holiday that your fee might be paying for. 

We will listen to your plans and help you to develop them. We will advise you on the best way to achieve your dream wedding photography. We will develop your ideas and not just impose a set of routine photos that have nothing to do with your personality or nature. 

Are you a person who wants beautiful, natural, colorful, professional wedding photography. Do you agree on the above? If so then you probably are the person that we want to photograph. So don't waste any more time. Call us now to book your free pre-wedding consultation. 


This is one time in your life that an experienced photographer really does count !! Wedding photographers have to be able to photograph any subject in any situation. We have to pick up on aspects such as fine details, manage and capture massive groups (involving good communications with your guests and venue organizers) take beautiful portraits in both romantic and sensitive ways, work to a time plan and keep to your budget.

Our vast experience not only gives us all of the above skills but also the ability to anticipate the ‘special moments’ capturing your wedding in a stress-free and beautiful way. I have attended more than six hundred marriage ceremonies as a wedding photographer and I am a fully qualified MPA member. Together with my ongoing investment in equipment and personal development, then you have a person who is both very competent and highly-qualified to photograph your special day.

Difficult lighting

A wedding a photographer will encounter many different luminosity conditions. Most couples marry around midday and often it’s very sunny, which creates harsh lighting that can bleach out all the beautiful details of the dress and leave unwelcome dark shadows in the eye area and elsewhere on the face. At the other extreme, we often encounter bad or very low light in a church, or intense back-light through stained-glass windows.

These problems can be overcome by a professional who knows and understands light dynamics as well as technical equipment. We know modern cameras are very advanced, with a host of variable settings. Nevertheless, problematical lighting requires skill and experience which cannot be replicated entirely from a camera's range of standard settings.


A non-professional photographer might have a good camera and lens but what happens if it goes wrong? We are equipped with top-quality first and second line kit to ensure your day will not be interrupted, nor will our record of your unique event be lost.

Backup capability can be an attitude of mind, as well as the provision of substitute gear. In both respects, we attend to detail for your security.

Insurance - Professional Indemnity & Public LiabilityTo give you full peace of mind, we are professionally covered in accordance with the Master Photographers Association (MPA) requirements for its qualified members.

Protection of your files

How many times have you heard about people losing their images, either from the card or their hard drive? Surprisingly many? Not with us.

The only safeguard against the risk is a great deal of investment in first-rate systems that are diligent in the way that files are protected. In addition, it’s important that copies are also made off-site and we ensure that all your documents are kept for a period of two years at least. Your wedding album will also be archived for life so that you can always obtain another copy, should a need arise.

Bespoke styling

Our professional style of photography has been honed and developed over the years so as not to over-power your personality, turning it into something you’re not. Our approach will gently match your individuality and sometimes emphasize elements that will portray a true representation of yourselves, bride and groom, and your whole wedding day.

We may, from time to time, ask you to smile or adjust your pose, so that you will look your best. We won’t ask you to do backflips or turn your mum into a ‘Bond girl’ (unless it’s in her character to be so!).

Processing and retouching

All our images are derived from the raw data and delivered to you print-ready. If the bride or groom has a mark that would not normally be there, in that case, we will do our best to remove it from all the feature images and some of the non-feature ones too. For the main images, you might want a little skin-softening; all of this will be done for the album as part of our design methodology. Also, if you, your family or guests purchase any prints, we will edit those independently as an integral part of the purchase.

Optional Extras

Full retouching and manipulation, such as body reshaping, thinning, heavy wrinkles removal and much, much more, can all be undertaken to your specific requirements.

We call this our ‘magazine makeover service’ and the results can justify the investment.